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Asset Management Club has been conceived as a platform for various stakeholders in the asset-backed business to enhance management skills and promote innovative approaches to provide clients an effective solution for all asset-related issues

The objective of this club

  • Bridge the gap between the stakeholders in the asset finance business in search of timely and cost-effective remedies

  • Assist businesses to identify future growth opportunities

  • Assist the members on a periodical basis to receive information and updates on the recent regulations passed by the various relevant authorities as well as the current developments affecting construction / real estate / logistic industry and the Asset Finance Business

  • To provide an inside-out view of the techniques of asset-backed business

To achieve these objectives


Workshops, seminars, webinars, knowledge sharing sessions.

Provide consulting support towards effective legal strategy formulation, collection/receivable bottlenecks and yard management, refurbishment, asset disposal.

Provide creating marketing and branding co-laterals and sales promotion materials.

Sharing operating experiences of members on various legal and technical issues and case studies.

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