5 Most Famous Israeli Breakfast Menus, Rich in Nutrition!

5 Most Famous Israeli Breakfast Menus, Rich in Nutrition!

Israel has a wide variety of breakfast dishes that look and taste appetizing. Apart from that, the Israeli people are known to pay great attention to the nutrition and nutrition contained in the food they consume in the morning. This is what makes the state of Israel very popular with its delicious and healthy breakfast dishes.

Having a portion that is not too big and made from ingredients that are rich in protein, here are five of the most famous Israeli breakfast dishes.

1. Jachnun

Quoted from Jachnun is the most famous traditional dish among the Jewish community in Israel. Previously, this food was brought by a group of Jewish immigrants from Yemen and then popularized it in Israel.

Jachnun is made from a combination of several types of flour, butter, water and sugar. After the dough is finished, roll it into several layers and then grease it with butter.

The final stage of making jachnun is the roasting process at a temperature that is not too hot. Usually jachnun is served on the breakfast menu with boiled eggs.

2. Matzah brei

With a delicious and savory taste, matzah brei is a favorite breakfast menu in Israel.

This food is made from a mixture of matzo flatbread and eggs that are fried together. However, before cooking the matzo flatbread, you need to soak it for a few minutes in water so that it becomes soft and can mix with the egg.

To add to the enjoyment when eating matzah brei, you can add several ingredients such as yogurt, applesauce, sour cream, and fruit jam.

3. Mandelbrot

In Israeli language, mandelbrot means almond bread where this food is the simplest breakfast menu.

Mandelbrot is made from three main ingredients, namely flour, eggs and almonds. After the ingredients are mixed into a dough then baked in the oven.

However, over time, mandelbrot is often combined with chocolate, dried fruit, and various other types of nuts.

4. Israeli breakfast

Israeli breakfast is a filling breakfast menu consisting of several dishes such as salad, omelette, yogurt, fish and various juice drinks. Israeli breakfast can be said as a breakfast dish with a large amount that can be eaten by several people.

When the Israeli breakfast menu is served, you can choose or eat dishes according to your taste. Usually Israeli breakfast can be found in hotels in Israel.

5. Shakshuka

Of the many Israeli breakfast dishes that look and taste appetizing, shaksuka is the most popular. This is because this dish is very healthy because the ingredients consist of various types of vegetables and eggs.

How to make it, the tomatoes are crushed first and then cooked until it becomes a thick sauce. After the tomatoes boil then mix the pieces of peppers, a little chili, garlic and eggs.

So, those are some of the most favorite Israeli breakfast dishes. The five menus above can be used as recommendations for those of you who want to try making breakfast with a different taste.

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