ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.0.4


ASP.NET Zero Power Tools 2.0.4

Furthermore, these are a part of modern C# and.NET Core, and shouldbe used all the time. Since the generates its own output folder, this is all that’s necessary to consume these APIs after creating an ASP.NET Core 3.0 CLI app.

This is the one situation where the replacement NuGet packages only contain Framework-specific references. For that reason, there is a NuGet gallery which contains replacement packages. You can download them directly from the gallery or you can add them directly to your project under Dependencies the same way we ever did with the old packages.

A big change in the new NuGet distributions is that there are no supporting packages anymore. Instead, the old packages just contain the managed code. The original packages are the ones that are deprecated as no further support is being provided.

NuGet is an awesome tool from Microsoft, but like every third-party tool you needed to install it first. We want to reduce the friction in deploying community software like ours as much as possible.


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