Curtis 1314 Pc Programming Station Software 11

Curtis 1314 Pc Programming Station Software 11

Curtis 1314 Pc Programming Station Software 11DOWNLOAD


Curtis 1314 Pc Programming Station Software 11

The 1314 system attaches to a laptop or desktop and allows for the monitoring and adjustment of any CURTIS controller or auxiliary devices. Our system also allows for the downloading of the last known parameters. Required cables include a USB port and an RJ11/RJ1 serial port cable.

The 1314 PC Station provides the functions and controls needed to perform programming functions. Programming includes viewing and editing data, saving settings, viewing the programming data, changing the programming screen, resetting the controller, controlling the auxiliary devices, and download current programming data to a hard drive.

The 1314 PC Station maintains all programming parameters in a convenient format for future viewing and editing. Includes DOS and Windows interface. CURTIS PC station programmers are available from OEI Drive World.

The 1314 PC station is further expandable by taking the optional CURTIS 1314 removable HDD adapter. The 1314 HD adapter provides for the hard disk drive installation for operating programs that have been downloaded to a drive. The 1314 HD adapter is the fastest and safest method to safely store data. This network is compatible with all PC stations.

The 1314 Windows PC Software Tool provides comprehensive and intuitive PC based programming, monitoring and system diagnostics for all Curtis programmable motor speed controllers and control systems.



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