Default Cfg Black Ops 2 ‘LINK’

Default Cfg Black Ops 2 ‘LINK’



Default Cfg Black Ops 2

The time in milliseconds to wait between map cache fetches, or 0 to disable the cache (unless `cache.enabled` is on and the broker is used for custom games). Set to -1 to disable the cache altogether.

The minimum broker version for exactly-once processing. If the broker version is not set or if it is lower than the minimum recommendation, production-level operations that are guaranteed only once will be processed exactly once. By default, exactly_once processing will only work for brokers version 2.5 or higher. For development, you can recompile clients or brokers from version 2.5 or higher as needed.

The maximum size in bytes of data written to the task output topic. If the value is not set, no data is written. If the value is set to negative, the task is aborted with the exception message, It is not possible to send more data than the size of the output topic.

Uses the same format as the topic format for output topics. Can be used to specify a specifically formatted data, for instance, to add some CRC or checksum, or to enforce a particular encoding scheme in the data.


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