Escape Game Download] [key Serial Number] [EXCLUSIVE]

Escape Game Download] [key Serial Number] [EXCLUSIVE]


Escape Game Download] [key Serial Number]

Getting into the game:

  • Press the “Game” button. If you are using the new wired and wireless handheld, you are welcome to hold the “OPTIONS” button.
  • Navigate to the “HOME” menu, and select either “CROSSHAIRS” or “MOVEVARS” from there.
  • Scroll to and select “PLAYSETTINGS”
  • I prefer to have “1 FULLSHOT”, “1 ANIMATE” and “1 FLIPAROUND” always display, even if they don’t do anything. It’s nice to have options as a backup to the controls.
  • Scroll to and select “CONTROLS”, then “PERSONAL”
  • Now scroll to and select either “POTIONS” or “POTIONS, SELECT PINNED”

In The Silver Wind, you play a young girl named Astra. She was the leader of the hunted. While fleeing, she woke up to a ship full of books, which is their ship. She also saw that she is in a floating lifeboat. She thought that she is alone, with no one to help her out. She continues to see ideas, as she watches the floating lifeboat while she is floating through the open air. The girl is a part of this game and she has to survive. Astra manages to release the others, so she will be protected. She does so, just before the sun is going down, and she will sleep, which makes her unconscious.


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