AMC is Asset Management Club which is an unique platform for asset backed business entities. Asset Management Club has been conceived as a platform for various stakeholders in the asset-backed business to enhance management skills and promote innovative approaches to provide clients an effective solution for all asset-related issues.

Anyone who are involved in asset backed business and or its associated functions as well can be a member of this Club. For example Construction Houses, Hiring Contractors, Asset Owners, Banks, Financial Institutions, Manufacturers & Vendors Of Assets, Recovery Professionals, Repossession Agencies, Parking Yard Agencies/Owners, Personnel in the business of Asset Refurbishment, Transporters/Logistics Management entities, Personnel in the business of sale and purchase of Used and Refurbished Assets, Lawyers/Legal Professionals, Enforcement Professionals, Single Asset Owners, Customers of Hiring Segments, Scrap Dealers, Asset Strippers, Legal Asset Monetizers  etc.

Membership of this club is free for a limited period of time.

  • AMC bridges the gap between the stakeholders in the asset finance business in search of timely and cost – effective remedies.
  • AMC assist businesses to identify future growth opportunities
  • AMC assist members on periodical basis to receive information and updates on the recent regulations passed by the various relevant authorities as well as the current developments affecting construction/real estate/logistic industry and the asset finance business.
  • AMC aims to provide an inside-out view of the techniques of asset backed business.
  • AMC is an unique platform which will enable to show case your desired product or service to the entire eco system of asset business community
  • The unique membership of AMC enables you to commute directly to the AMC club and send your expectations, concerns, requirements and all other inconveniences related to assets business and the AMC expert team will try to help you with effective solutions
  • Consulting support towards Toxic / Stressed Asset Management, Para / Legal Advisory, Logistics & Yard Management, Refurbishment,Asset Based Finance, Leasing Solution, Asset Disposal, better realization on sale and purchase of various assets, Dispute Resolution, Legal Asset Monetization etc.
  • Marketing and branding, sales promotion
  • Future Business opportunities amongst Asset Based Finance Community
  • Sharing of operating experiences of members on various legal and technical issues and case studies.
  • Legal & statutory updating
  • Training and Development
  • Workshops, seminars, webinars, knowledge sharing sessions etc.
  • Login to
  • Fill up the online membership form with the required information & submit the same
  • Upon approval of the membership respective member will receive welcome kit along with e-membership certificate.
  • The registered member shall intimate at their specific needs / requirements mentioning the membership number and one-time submission of required KYC’s (Self attested copy of PAN, Aadhar etc.)
  • In case of transaction related to sale of equipment/asset (s) the seller shall share details and particulars along with photographs of the said equipment / asset (s) from all dimension & email the same at

Valid for a period of One Year.