GSi VB3 VST VSTi 1.4.rar Free

GSi VB3 VST VSTi 1.4.rar Free



GSi VB3 VST VSTi 1.4.rar

In 2005, the first version of “Master Hammond B3 Virtual Hammond VSTi” was published. It was the first plug-in to combine Hammond B3 sound with the VST98. It works as a virtual instrument, featuring a sound similar to a real B3 used on movie soundtracks. Version 1.1.2 provides 64-bit support.

Version 1.2 was made available in 2006. A complete rewrite of the mixing implementation was made, is able to create internal mixing, and provides new features such as dry and wet multitimbrality for each sound.

In June 2007, a beta version of SP2 (version 1.2) was released. This version included non voicing and multiple touch keys. A new range of sounds with 3, 5 or 7 touch keys. A fantastic and rich sound was freed, perfect for remixing and production. This version was also released for Mac OS X. Version 1.2.23 comes with 64-bit support.

Version 1.5 was released in 2009. It is the fastest version yet, with a completely new 64-bit user interface and the compatibility with third party host devices. Due to the new virtual version of “Master Hammond B3 Virtual Hammond VST”, the sound engine was optimized to achieve a higher performance. In addition, the new features such as the effect processing were added to the sequencer. Version 1.5.0 supports 64-bit versions.


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