Jatra Marathi Movie ##BEST## Free Download Hd

Jatra Marathi Movie ##BEST## Free Download Hd

Jatra Marathi Movie Free Download HdDOWNLOAD


Jatra Marathi Movie Free Download Hd

The other reviews are also positive:

  • Nandi (Subhash Desai) — “I ate 3 sweetmeats to get me through this film. It is the best thing on the celluloid screen for the past 2 years. Others try but fail. Kedar has got over it. Had idols like Parineeti Chopra and Aamir used her talents, they would have got much more applause. But the Jatra is important. If you love clean cinema, you will watch it.”
  • Bobby (Vahagn Choudhary) –…Although there are no major stars in the cast, the movie is as good as films with mass super stars. It is a typical typical Marathi film. Kedar has made a real Marathi film. He has shown us how natives live in real life…”
  • The Hindu — “Jatra, like the fair, is a real festival. The only thing different about this film is the setting – it is in two villages… Kedar has kept aside from the festival a story, a content made exclusively for the movie. I guarantee you that there is no story in any other Marathi film. Kedar Shinde shows us that the event should have its own beauty. He has shown us the strength of festival.”
  • Janta — “Jatra – Jatra is not a festival. What it is about is The One Who Is Tired of The Festivals. It is a very interesting film. Kedar Shinde is a very good story-writer. This is an excellent story. It has a tag line. It is one of the best films of the year.”

Most of the reviews also mention the performances by Anand Shinde and Vaishali Samant. Anand Shinde, who plays the main protagonist, is praised by critics for his role. The movie also won an award in the MAMI song festival. Kedar Shinde was also one of the main contenders for the top award at the MAMI song festival. This also led to a good retrospective for this movie.


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