Kamael Download PORTABLE Client

Kamael Download PORTABLE Client

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Kamael Download Client

End-game contentContent to end-game content these changes are New 6th tier class WarriorBlessed T10 skill line 11th tier classesMightier Heroes level range Increase the end-game level range to 103-113 (115 maximum)Increase the max level of all bosses to 90 (previously 91)Changes to cross-game tools (equipment, skills, powers, etc.) + redistributing item drops from non-end-game bosses into the end-game range (a good portion of which go to the new 5th class opportunistic)Changes made to the following end-game abilities (including sets and skill lines) – One with the Darkness – All-out Assault – Master’s Ferocity – Impetuous Battle – A Tipping Point – Shine-Forever – Excelsior/Force/Wind – Relic Weeping – Steel Blade of Dawn – Expand the range of Blessed T10 – Skill line 11th Tiers – Increase the T10 and 11th tiers maximum level to 113 (previously 112)

Changes made to end-game content – Items, skills, and powers that were not developed for, but the jump to this new large, and growing, number of boss groups required a set of content improvements to bring up to speed

Changes made to end-game content – Introducing a new Skill line that is T13 and can be capped at the new maximum of 113. This skill line alone was worth over 7 levels of XP gains, and encompassed the majority of end-game content. This update also holds several sets that can be added to this 5th class opportunistic, and the changes to the one-shot and power combat mechanics allows for an even greater variety of builds


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