Kingsoft Office 2012 Pro 12 2021

Kingsoft Office 2012 Pro 12 2021



Kingsoft Office 2012 Pro 12

Plus you can now get Kingsoft Office as part of the Kingsoft Office Suite for only £39.95 for the basic version of the Office Suite and £69.95 for the Standard version. This also includes an upgrade to the Standard version from the Pro Version to give you Silver Support (which is also included in the other suite versions) and the Kingsoft Office desktop download manager (which is very nice, you work it in your control panel, once you have selected install, it will install the office exe direct to the Program Files folder).

Using Kingsoft Office you can create and edit all your favorite Microsoft documents, including the popular Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Visio formats, a number of the other familiar formats such as the Open Document Format Open Office Calc, and even the new Mac OpenOffice Calc. You can also create and edit articles for your favorite website.

More importantly you can create documents with great confidence knowing they will stand up to the most rigorous editing software, as these files are readable in virtually all of the most popular word processing and spreadsheet applications.

By contrast, Office 2007 files are not readable by version prior to Office 2007, they are not backwards compatible and many of them are not even readable by Office 2010, preferring to sit there after being closed.


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