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What’s New In?

The November 2009 CTP of Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 is available for download. A product overview and download link can be found on the Microsoft Website. For technical information and download details, see the post “Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 Download Details” in the community on
See the installation documentation for details of the setup process and what you need to do to get your first Commerce Server installation running.
New Features and Improvements:
– New Web UI deployment option, along with new features such as branch deployment and availability zones.
– Product version number updated to 2009 R2.
– SQL Server authentication is supported.
– Licensing options include:
1) Manufacturer-based – allows you to maintain a single license key for multiple servers, for example, where a single Windows server has multiple databases installed.
2) Software-based – you pay for the number of license keys, for example, a single database is licensed for 20 users.
3) Audit-based – you keep a master license key in a central location and issue a unique key to the auditor that has access to your database. The auditor has access to the user’s license key, so he can apply it in a central location to obtain a license key. Auditors use digital certificates and a certificate store for storing their license keys.
Licensing and Certificates:
A license key is not tied to a server; it is tied to a database. There can be one license key per database or multiple license keys for multiple databases. You can use the Windows licensing services to control how many user licenses are available on a server.
SQL Server authentication is supported.
For more information about the Microsoft licensing options, see licensing information.
*Product Documentation*
The product documentation is located under the Documentation subfolder. The following path will locate the relevant documentation for this particular product.
/Documentation/Microsoft Commerce Server Documentation/ /
For example, if you have Commerce Server 2009 CTP installed and the product version is “2009 R2”, you can get to the relevant documentation by going to
Start > All Programs > Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 > Documentation > Commerce Server Documentation
If you are using a 64-bit Windows operating system and have the 32-bit version of the Microsoft.Net Framework, you must download the 64-bit version of the Microsoft.Net Framework in order to install the.Net Framework 3.5 SP1. You must also have the.Net Framework 3.5 SP1 installed before installing the.Net Framework 3.5 SP1. This is because some of the components in Commerce Server require the.Net Framework 3.5 SP1.
*New and Updated Help Files*
Microsoft has updated several help file related to Commerce Server to reflect the changes in the product. The following links will take you to these updated help files.[best

System Requirements For Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Code Name Quot;R2 Quot;:

– Microsoft Windows 10 (Home or Pro);
– 2 GB of RAM;
– an AMD or Intel processor, respectively;
– 8 GB of available space on your hard drive;
– an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth;
– a DVD/CD drive.
– Logitech G920 (or G Pro, G400, G300, G205, or G150) keyboard and/or mouse.
– Microsoft Windows 10 (Home or Pro

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