Now Boarding Episode 1 Full Version Download HOT! 😀

Now Boarding Episode 1 Full Version Download HOT! 😀

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Now Boarding Episode 1 Full Version Download

I think there is no way that they could do this if they haven’t hired nurses that are already in the hospital. As a matter of fact that’s what we are trying to do at the hospital. If there is not a pool of nurses to go to any nursing unit overtime you may find nurses leaving with all their supplies and going and volunteering at other hospitals. That’s really a problem in this hospital currently.

That’s our biggest challenge that we are going to figure out, how are we going to handle this? What is going to happen to the patient care areas that we so, so carefully built up? We have close to a quarter of our facility dedicated to a patient care unit. What is going to happen to that? What is going to happen to all the staff that are working overtime in that unit as a result of implementing FCP? People have to rethink some of their staffing levels. The hospital will have a problem graduating any of the nurses through the next year.

That’s a difficult issue for any hospital. We are not the only one. Our hospital is very similar to many, many others. Right now our hospital has about 8,000 beds, and there are more hospitals than that. How are we going to expand our staff and serve the needs of our institutions? That is the question that a lot of hospitals are coming across. How are we going to serve our existing patients, our existing staff and our new patients coming in? It is a challenge for all hospitals.

Our basic premise is to begin with the assumption that we have a low nursing workforce. We have a nursing shortage in the United States. As hospitals find it harder and harder to staff their units, they are overloaded, the pressure on those staff increased, and as a result they are leaving the profession.


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