Overtime Marathi Movie Download Dvdrip Torrent [NEW]

Overtime Marathi Movie Download Dvdrip Torrent [NEW]

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Overtime Marathi Movie Download Dvdrip Torrent

Lao Wei is one of my all time favorite actors and what makes this movie even better is that he’s actually in it as a major part of the storyline. The rest of the main cast and this time it is Melissa De Sousa and Barney Fife are a bit better than before. The special effects are a lot better as well. You always know when it’s time to be scared. The movie’s premise is a cliff hanger is what this movie is. The car chase scene in the snow with the chase and then try to flee though the snow was very cool and lasted just the right amount of time. At the end of the day, what’s most important is the movie has a nice car ride and it’s worth the wait. I like this sequel and what more can I say. How often do you get a sequel in which you end up liking this one.

“The Guru” may have been my favorite movie of the summer last year but it was definitely one of the better fantasy movies either. Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance is still one of the best I have ever seen in any form of entertainment. I know that sounds weird but I mean it. Cillian Murphy’s character’s were also great. The voice acting for the fantasy characters was quality as always. The music was a mixture of different styles, from 80s to different musical acts present today. The special effects were also cool. Remember the scene in the movie during the car chase where they run through the snow? That was cool.The writing for this one was great and this movie took itself seriously. The movie is a little on the short side, but that was the best thing it had about it. I just wish they had more of the other “gurus”. As for the ending, it was alright. I’ll have to write more about this one when I write my review of The Hobbit Part 2 which is a year away.Wrap up “The Guru”. What? It’s ok…


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