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Illustrator is one of the most popular graphics software programs used by anyone from beginners to professionals. In the past few years it has become a popular program and people are using more and more of it in their work. Adobe Illustrator can be installed on your computer, but it will always be in the trial mode. This is a way for Adobe to evaluate whether the program is right for you. If you are a professional artist and consider yourself a skilled user, then you should purchase it.

When you are ready to create your activation code, you need to open the main menu. You can do this by clicking the File button on the top-left corner of the window. The next step is to go to the Profile tab and choose to Reset Settings. This allows you to choose a new activation code. Once you have selected this option, you need to click on the Generate Activation Code button. This will start generating the activation code. Once the code is generated, you can use it. You can also print the code and keep it safe to use. When you choose to create an activation code for your software, you can choose to crack it as well. If you want to crack the software, then you need to go to the Options tab. This is where you can activate a crack file and get the software to work. Once the crack file is activated, you should have a fully functional version of the software. Have fun cracking Adobe Photoshop CS5.


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Currently, Live Profiles is only compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but it will work on all previous models as well as the iPad 5, 6, 7, and Air 2. In addition, it is compatible with Apple’s Mac operating systems:

  • Mac OS X v10.9 or later;
  • Mac OS X v10.8 or later, it is available as a free upgrade for Mac OS X v10.7 or later users;
  • Mac OS X v10.6 or later, it is available as a free upgrade for Mac OS X v10.5 or later users;

As noted above, Live Profiles cannot be used just with Apple’s iOS devices, but it works fine with the latest Microsoft devices as well:

  • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 RTM (or later);
  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10 RTM (or later);
  • Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Mobile Insider; or
  • Windows Phone 8.1 (or later).

The new bundled Adobe Compatible Cloud hosting service is not a free service. It requires either a yearly $9.99 AdobeID subscription or $24 month fee for a regional license. Prices can be found in the

Apple will update Live Profiles and version 5.2 of Psystar’s iLife suite to support the latest Mac operating systems on Sept. 29, although only the latest release version will support Lion or later.

For some reason, Live Profiles won’t work with even the Windows 7 and Vista editions. It is available as a free download for Apple’s Mac OS X v10.8 or later; and for Windows 8 RTM or Windows 10 RTM (or later).

Since then, they put it on the iOS File System of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which allows users to access all the images and videos on their iOS devices via a folder named PHAssetLibrary.

The Wacom-designed Cintiq Pro 13 is a top-quality all-in-one solution with an innovative design and packed with professional functionality. Its 37-inch display comes with a full HD resolution for which you won’t find a competitor, and its Nvidia Graphics work with any program you throw at it. The Cintiq Pro 13 boasts eight-hour battery life and dual-monitor support.

We love Procreate, but it’s an extremely expensive solution—as we detailed in the best Apple MacBook Pro review —that can cost more than the Wacom Cintiq Pro 13. Here, $349.99 is the cheapest Apple’s current MacBook Pro with Touch Bar costs, but the Pro 13 is the more versatile model.

The Wacom-designed Cintiq Pro 13 is a top-quality all-in-one solution with an innovative design and crammed with professional functionality. Its 37-inch display comes with a full HD resolution for which you will not find a competitor, and its Nvidia Graphics work with any program you throw at it. The Pro 13 boasts eight-hour battery life and dual-monitor support.

We love Procreate, but it’s an extremely expensive solution—as we detailed in the best Apple MacBook Pro review —that can cost more than the Wacom Cintiq Pro 13. Here, $349.99 is the cheapest Apple’s current MacBook Pro with Touch Bar costs, but the Pro 13 is the more versatile model.» Read more

Simplify the access to your images by synchronizing your image library with Lightroom. And the new workspace for Photoshop gives you a familiar environment, no matter which platform you’re using. Plus, all your edits and changes will be instantly available in Lightroom, so there’s no need to upload them to Lightroom or any other application to work on them.


The best thing about Photoshop is that there are no other paid or free software that has the same level of features that Photoshop provides. Photoshop is the most widely used software and we need Photoshop to get rid of unwanted features such as “adobe crop tool” while editing a photo. The ability of Photoshop to assist in carrying out even the most complex edits is an amazing feat of software engineering. Photoshop is an all-encompassing tool that provides a base level of features and functions that are not found anywhere else. From its basic tools such as a paintbrush, paint bucket, and layers to its capabilities to offer corrections and other first-class editing options like auto-fix, Photo Matching, auto-blur, online photo editing, and many others, Photoshop has been proven to have a huge user base among designers and photographers.

Photoshop provides an overwhelming amount of the capabilities required by most people who use a camera. At the time of its introduction in 1987, the package cost $17,500, making it the most expensive personal computer of the day. It intended to be an inexpensive alternative to a scanner-print-develop-view process. Adobe estimates that it is installed on over half of PC computers worldwide.

One of the best features of Photoshop is the level and type of customization that can be performed to images. These customization options can be applied to text, shapes, transparency, and many other items.

As the software is very heavy and the learning curve is high, it is not a requirement for all users. Adobe’s massive app complex includes a wide range of tools, plug-ins, and feature sets that have become a staple of modern graphic design. The software offers capabilities and effects that work on all major browsers and platforms, but it is not for the novice.

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The Layers dialog box lets you select the visible layers in a file and orders them, and if you click the button next to a layer’s name, you can duplicate it. You can also make copies of layers by dragging them onto rows in the panel. You can move, resize, or delete them. You can also set your photo as the active layer, delete the active layer, hide a layer, merge layers, or undo the most recently selected command and create a new layer.

You can also apply one of several filters and effects to the layer, change its opacity, and change its blend mode. If you save a file in Photoshop Elements 2016, you can also apply a clear image after the topmost layer.

You can use the Adjustment dialog box to apply one of many adjustment settings, such as Levels, Curves, Black & White, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, Midtones, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Negative, Opacity, and more.

Place files containing multiple layers in the Organizer window, which lets you create a folder and organize them. You can then drag any images or photos into the folder and they’ll be sorted by file name or folder.

The Blur filter lets you create beautiful bokeh, or out of focus backgrounds for images or photos. You can adjust the focus distance, and alter the amount of blur and its settings, such as Gaussian. You can adjust the smoothing.

Configure a file through context menus. You can also edit the attributes of an icon in just a little by selecting the custom command option. In this option, you can choose to do the following: Sketch, Rotate, Flip, Crop and Flip.

Learn more about future releases, including Photoshop for Android. You can also find more about upcoming Adobe Creative Cloud products including Adobe Mix and Adobe Character Animator. You can even follow the author on Wikipedia .

Like most people, I have my favorite Photoshop features that make my life at home so much easier. Working with Wireframes in Photoshop has saved us in a number of projects, and I recommend it to anyone who has trouble making thoughtful decisions in other software. And of course, the best way to create a clean page design is to use Photoshop’s default Image features, such as Resize and Blend Modes .

Leaf Image labs has developed and carefully curated a series of useful and free resources designed to help designers better understand the best tools to use to create high-quality assets for the Web. More than just a collection of helpful presets, the tutorial series emphasizes the importance of quality workflows and productive habits that will help you avoid visual design mistakes. By the time you’re done, you’ll be creating beautiful, pixel-perfect assets in no time.

Want to make your life easier? Envato Market users can access millions of premium design and development resources , web design , graphic design and photography tutorials. Plus we host hundreds of advanced tutorials on everything from advanced Photoshop plugins to designing maps and animations. Want to learn Photoshop? Check out

As we have built the Substance tools up over time, we look to develop that set of professional 3D tools in a way that seamlessly integrates into Adobe’s graphics workflows, without needing to invest directly in a set of 3D tools to compete.

The Magic Wand tool is a tool that helps in removing unwanted or black areas from your image; it is, however, one of the most frequent and useful tools in Photoshop. The Magic Wand tool is an essential tool, and it is used for deleting, repairing, and deleting unwanted areas of the image. This tool can also be used for more than just deleting black areas; it can be used for removing unwanted anything you may have done to the picture.

Before using Photoshop, you need to know the basics of it. After understanding these basics, you can then have a better sense of your own use of Photoshop, and use it in all its many levels. These first steps are critical to understand if you’re going to master Photoshop to its best capabilities. Bill Buxton is a Photoshop guru, his explanations of how to use Photoshop are excellent and clear.

Take a look at the best free online courses that will help you learn some great tips and techniques on using Photoshop and editing photos and videos. These courses are free and are provided by quality educators with great content that will help you learn the basics, growth, and techniques of using Photoshop. These courses range from beginner to professional levels and are an excellent way to learn Photoshop and improving your craft.

As you know Photoshop is one of the best graphic designers tools used for innovation and creativity. Photoshop is not only good software for design and multimedia but it also has great features for editing photographs. Learn the basic of Photoshop and basic Photoshop Pro. You will understand how many Photoshop functions help you in reshaping your photographs. Enjoy.

Adobe Photoshop is a massive desktop application. One of its marquee features is the ability to view and edit images at incredibly high resolutions. This lets you render the screen and print layer arrangements with the size and the actual spacing of pixels. Like the other programs, Photoshop has supports for channels, bitmaps, and raster graphics. With its depth and breadth of features, Photoshop is one of the most powerful and complex image editing software available on the market today. Oh, and it comes with all the usual tools for cropping, rotating, and recoloring photographic imagery. It’s also got tools for creating and working with layers and retouching photographs—the whole bit.

Photoshop has two different types of image adjustment tools that help artists get their artistic creations looking their best. The first, the basic version, is Auto tool to help you get started. It automatically corrects some types of problems that may prevent your photos from looking as professional as you hope. This view also lets you superimpose parts of an image over other parts to create new artworks well. Photoshop’s more advanced version, called the Expert mode, is even more powerful and offers more options for enhancing your photographs.

Misbehaving pixels can trouble anyone. Even pros. Photoshop has a volume of tools to help fix and repair photos. These tweaks are significant, but savvy users can usually achieve similar results with a few keyboard shortcuts and a little bit of practice. You can use the Repair, Enhance, and Organize tabs to fix photos that are damaged in some way, remove ghosts and unwanted objects from images, and add text to images without using stickers.

Adobe’s flagship desktop photo editor Adobe Photoshop has been around for decades and has remained the de facto standard of photo editing Software since well before smartphones began their rapid rise (and even before inkjet printers were commonplace).

The program incorporates various components, from a collection of image-editing tools, photo retouching, and creative effects to a collection of video tools, including the Adobe Media Encoder, which lets you convert digital files to various video and audio formats.

There’s a full-screen photo viewer, a high-quality RAW image editor, a smattering of Photoshop-specific features, and more. The program lets users create new designs using the built-in Photoshop Sketch tool, which has been given a major upgrade. In addition, you can now resize your images using various Photoshop tools. There’s also a Post Processing Effects panel you can apply custom effects to various photos and artwork.

Adobe Photoshop – Adobe is the world’s unparalleled creative and multimedia software tycoon. And for Adobe, Photoshop is the flagship project that redefined the way images are edited and treated. Over that, it revolutionized the graphic designing vertical, which further inspired millions of artists worldwide.

While the program does include a wide range of powerful editing features, it also boasts a range of useful tools, including a RAW photo editor, vector and Bitmap ruler functionality, and the incredibly popular Photoshop Express photo editor.

With Photoshop, you can work on your photos, videos, illustrations, and more with a huge number of tools. You can modify your photos, adjust colors, and enhance these with filters. Photoshop can even help you make images more magical than your imagination. With Photoshop you can easily enhance your photo or add some special effects to your photo. Photoshop offers a lot of great features so you can produce some amazing visual content.

Photography enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world use Adobe Photoshop to edit and retouch images. Whether you’re beginning the path to becoming a pro or an advanced editor, you can sharpen your skills and master the software in addition to improving your images with the tips at hand.

Your brand new Pixelmator 2 Pro 2.3 update includes a bunch of new features, including Adaptive Sharpen, a new feature that gives the sharpening effect similar to the original Pixelmator. It adapts itself with each image and its sensitivity to the image content, preserving the original while reducing noise.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Digital Photographers is a great set of tools for photographers to organize, edit and print their photos. It allows you to manage and edit your entire image processing workflow in one place. Additionally, this book is an extension of Lightroom and contains a broad overview of all the changes since the previous version.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photo Retouching will teach you how to create an aesthetically pleasing photo, remove blemishes, retouch skin, eyes, teeth and body imperfections. This book is packed with tips and tricks, and it will show you how to get the best results possible from your digital photos.

Designers love to work on these helpful tools to improve their skills so that they can utilize them to perfection for all the projects. Here, we shall take you through Top Ten Photoshop Tools designed for designers. Below the list is an explanation of each one of the Photoshop features mentioned in the image as their icons.]

3. Crop: It will remove the unwanted parts of the image, but only when the dimensions of the image are more than the original size, suboptions like move, rotate, scale, stretch and crop can be used. The sliders are used to make the diameter of the image smaller or to enlarge the size.

6. Sharpen/Lens Blur: To sharpen the image, the option is given to us. Click on the menu bar and select Sharpen, this will open the lighter font shadow settings menu. We can also use the filters like Radial Blur and Grain, etc.

7. Level: Using the image adjustment and selection tools, we can level the image horizontally or vertically. This tool makes the image look like a photo was taken with a camera. For the adjustment, we have various options like black & white, soft light, hard light, color balance, exposure and image type.

8. Fill Color: This gives us the option to apply the same color to the image or the object within the image by using the options like hue, saturation and value. To control the color, we can use the sliders.

Adobe Photoshop’s CC 2018 is loaded with significant changes, and much to the delight of Instagrammers, one of the biggest features is the ability to edit video frames. The frame selection tool is now enabled by default and accessible under Shift + C. The tool lets you select individual frames with precise increments of one, and then adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to any frame. You can use drag and drop to move frames around on-the-fly, or use Shift + I to lock frames, and then use Shift + X or C to remove or duplicate frames. If that wasn’t enough, you can also adjust smaller tweaks to frames such as pixel stretching, resizing, and tweaking color contrasts with menu options. In-app video layout options are also available to help you post your video on the newest Instagram.

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