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SteamVR Torrent Download [License]

Point Cloud Library (PCL) is fast, small and comes with its own lighting engine. This means that you don’t have to deal with all the additional constrains of implementing your own one, such as: audio/synthesis, shaders, implementation of a hardware-accelerated raycaster. PCL’s designed for you to try it for free on your Open Source project, or if you one license is not enough for you, you can purchase a commercial license and use the source codes at no cost. PCL works great on your development machine and can be deployed on both desktop and mobile. Again, PCL’s with its own lighting engine means that you don’t have to implement any leading techniques such as reflectance (phong).

Capsule offers to render its mostly flat and 3D models from many possible angles. Since capybara is written in Python, its utilises the NumPy Library and is easily integrated into the Unity Game Engine. A developer can then turn their existing objects into 3D models to be rendered. Capsule is all-in-one for Unity development.

TimeScape is a Unity plugin that makes it easy to create professional-looking rhythm games for Windows and Android devices and featured in the GDC 2012 and GDCEurope 2014 Game Showcase. Unity Technologies’s John Bentley present TimeScape at GDC Europe 2014. TimeScape is the second Rhythm Game Showcase winner of the GDC Awards.

Unity has been used to power video games on successful VR platforms like Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Holographic. The software allows the creation of fully-functional VR videos using the Unity engine. With the addition of some special effects, you can create a 3D experience for video games, movies, or VR-ready advertisements.

“Revenue and royalty from Unity has grown steadily in recent years: In Q1 fiscal year 2013, revenue grew from $49.7 million to $124.6 million, and royalties from small companies (earning $100,000 or less) grew from $0.9 million to $6.7 million, a significant increase to nearly 8x. To facilitate this growth, we now have a royalty-free platform for small- to medium-sized businesses (revenue of up to $200,000) and a royalty-bearing platform for those with higher revenues. Your license can be renewed as often as is required. Even companies that have only one commercial title in the works can now benefit from this model — and, off the record, it’s even more attractive to developers with single commercial titles than it is when their titles are doing well.”


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