Tomb Raider 2013 PC Key Generator !!EXCLUSIVE!!


Tomb Raider 2013 PC Key Generator

Microsoft made seven changes to the game engine that was used in the reboots to improve the overall frame rate and physics simulation. The engine sped up the model loading, which was slower in the 2013 reboot. They added and adjusted lighting and a physically based system of facial animation to improve Lara’s facial expressions and reactions. They also added a full day/night cycle, weather, and wanted to tone down the game’s open-world map by adding “points of interests” to fill gaps in the environment to increase the game’s focus on exploration. They also recreated hydraulically simulated water effects like the water coming from the drains, drains of water coming up from the bottom and rushing water in the waterfalls. The developers also considered removing the free-viewpoint section of the game because of performance problems.

Crystal Dynamics developed the weapon’s unlock system and created a 7-level tree of weapons. The levels increase in difficulty, from 10 kills for the default tomahawk to 70 for the Crossbow and 300+ for the Ballistic Nails. The Archery and Mace are dual-purpose weapons, which allows players to hit both foes and cover guards with each shot. There is no limit on the number of arrows and no penalty is imposed for reloading the weapons while near enemy guards (it is still possible to hit them, however).[28]

The reboot featured crafting-related equipment that players could collect and use throughout the game. Lara could craft weapons at a stone working table. She could also designate specific weapons as “default”, which allowed players to unlock them without starting the game. She initially could craft four default weapons, with an additional four at the end of the game, but by holding down the craft button, Lara could add two more default weapons.


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